Pod to PC

Pod to PC 4.027

An efficient tool to transfer music from iPod to PC


  • Easy to use
  • Lets you import selected songs
  • Works with several types of iPod


  • Simple built-in player

Very good

I'm very happy with my iPod, as I guess most iPod owners are. What I don't like that much is having iTunes as the only possible choice of iPod manager.

With Pod to PC you can easily transfer songs from your iPod to the computer, which makes it the perfect tool to recover the music library stored on your Apple device after a computer crash, or transfer to the PC only those songs that are not already in your iTunes library.

Pod to PC is very easy to use. Simply connect your iPod to the computer once you launch the program and it will immediately read and display the device's contents on its interface. You can now select whatever you want to transfer to the PC, with the help of the program's handy code of symbols to identify songs that are already on the iTunes library, the ones that are protected and so on. Pod to PC also includes a built-in player to preview songs, though it's a bit too simple.

With Pod to PC you can easily transfer songs from the iPod to your computer, and import them into your iTunes library.

Pod to PC


Pod to PC 4.027

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  • by Anonymous

    Best Program for adding music.
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